24 Online "Hospitality Internet Access"
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Internet Connectivity - Now a Need

  • A Basic Travel Necessity
  • Guests prefer Hotel with Internet Connection
  • Connectivity – Anywhere on Hotel Premises

Anywhere Anytime Internet Connectivity

Why do guests ask for Internet?
  • Business Travelers
  • Executive Travelers
  • Vacationers  

Stay connected with officials, customers, families and many others for business communication, travel arrangement and information collection.

Benefits to Hotels

  • Attracts Customers
  • Increases hotel brand value
  • Builds customers’ loyalty
  • Truly Plug & Play
  • Easy to Set up and Administer
  • Satisfies guests requirement by offering customized internet packages
  • Generates additional revenue through hotel and  partner’s ads
  • Offers converged guest billing
  • Enables online payments
  • Supports WiMAX and Wi-Fi

24online Access Gateway is the complete billing and bandwidth management solution that enables broadband, dialup, WiMAX and Wi-Fi service providers, hotels, hotspots and cafes to provide time and usage-based Internet access and manage subscribers and franchisees.

24online-based access networks enable service providers to cost-effectively reach thousands of customers, providing them with real-time pre-paid and post-paid billing, accurate service provisioning, policy-based QoS and differential rate plans. In addition, 24online offers customer web self-care, extensive reporting, location-based branding, audit trail as well as network security with an inbuilt firewall on a single platform. It provides high flexibility in billing based on data transfer, time of the day as well as discounts maintaining a complete audit trail.

24online has developed a vast reach in the Middle-East, South East Asia and African regions with a dedicated partner network that includes strong players like NetPlay Inc., Cadd Emirates, Huron FZC, Tile Marine and more.

The 24online billing and bandwidth management solution has a vast client base with 2000+ installations that extend to 96 cities and 30+ countries across the globe.

  • HIA offers attractive and user friendly GUI
  • HIA provides ease of use, even non-technical persons can easily manage the GUI
  • HIA offers single interface for operations and configuration.

Single Property Model

Internet Facility in Hotels

Internet Coupon Facility in Hotels

Internet Coupon Facility in Hotels

Guest In-Room Facility

Guest Online Purchase Flow

Internet Billing Details

Distributed Property Model


24online Features

Bandwidth QoS

  • Multiple Gateway Load balancing
  • Access gateway
  • Firewall for Data & Network security


  • NetKapture
  • WebLogger
  • MIS Reporting


  • Property Management System (PMS) Integration
    • Fidelio/Operra
    • Prologic
    • Shawman
    • IDS
    • Amadeus
    • SAP
  • Invoicing
    • Voucher Generation
    • Coupon Printing
    • Ancillary Services
    • Currency Converter
    • Customized Invoice with Hotel logo & Details
  • Online Payments
    • Paypal
    • Payseal
    • HDFC
    • Tech Process
    • Authorised .NET
  • SMS Gateway

Access Control

  • Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA)
  • Authentication based on username and password 
  • MAC address and IP address-based authorization
  • Accounting based on hours, days and usage-basis
  • Authentication through client software or web-based login
  • Built-in Radius server
  • Redirection for unauthenticated users to web portal

Guest Management

  • Login Once
  • Room to Port Mapping
  • Zero Configuration
  • Seamless Roaming (Wired toWireless)
  • Walk-In User Module*
  • Customer Portal
  • Packages based on hours/days
  • Data transfer billing module*

Hotel Chains & Franchisee Management

  • User Migration Facility
  • Centralized Database Server
  • Extensive Report Generation
  • Audit Log  for web console activities
  • Role Based Multiple Level Administration


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