Aqua Bubble "Walk On Water"
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Aqua bubble is a transparent ball to float on water and over 2 meters in diameter. Through a hole you can step into the ball which is then closed with a zipper divers.
This zipper is waterproof allowing the occupant to remain dry during walking on water. With each new occupant is using a blower around 5000L "fresh" air blown into the ball.
Aqua bubble is unique and is registered under our name. Aqua bubble is entirely our ideas and experiences made. Since 2007 we are improving the water which constantly bubble life, safety and convenience positive influence!

How does an aqua bubble:

1.aqua bubble is on the ground with the zipper open and the person steps into the ball.
2.the zipper is partially closed after a 5000 liters air in the ball is blown
3.if the ball is full blown, the zipper closed
4.The zipper is double-checked to ensure safety
5.the ball is in the water

Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate in the aqua bubbles? 
no, we let kids and adults of all ages to the aqua bubble but we ask that children under 10 years a familiar adult to supervise.
All our activities are at your own risk

Is there a maximum weight of an aqua bubbles have?
Basically, people with any weight in the aqua bubble aqua bubble of the zipper is about 70 cm long, people or products that are wider than 70 inches may have difficulty accessing.

Has asthma, claustrophobia or other restriction influence during the aqua bubble activity?
People with asthma, claustrophobia or other restrictions that may be important for the aqua bubble activities must report so that we can take this into account.

We have repeatedly worked with disabled children which worked out well, we do ask the supervisor to monitor and help us so we can give the best possible guidance.
Also you can always ask us whether something can or can not, our guides will be happy to help.

How many people can simultaneously in the aqua bubble?
We do more than one person per ball. Two or more people per ball we find very irresponsible and dangerous! however, we sometimes an exception, for example disabled children, this may be with a parent in an aqua bubble under strict rules (eg they can not stand).

Will you get wet in an aqua bubble?
Aqua bubbles are completely water and airtight.

Do not drift away in an aqua bubble?
Aqua bubbles are always attached to a rope, we do this for 3 reasons:

1. Should anyone still in panic, do not like ect.we can safely within those 30 seconds.
2. out of the water. To prevent the water bubbles to float away.
3. There are many children who do not want the aqua bubble, they find it to be fun and work at the moment we want to get out of the water.Through the rope we maintain control so that everything is safe and timely manner.

What if the water leak will bubble?

It may happen that the water leak will bubble, this is not dangerous just annoying that the occupants get a little wet. The supervisors keep all water bubbles closely and have enough experience to immediately see if a leak is aqua bubble, even though not yet by the occupant. Through the rope we get the water bubble as soon as possible to the side and we remove the occupant.

What is the difference between a real aqua bubble and other balls that you can walk on water?
Our aqua bubbles are specially tailored for us, we look at each new shipment of what can be changed so that the water bubble safer and easier to use. These developments we are improving the aqua bubble's ever!

What we expect from the occupant?

The occupant should be careful with any explanation or instruction.

You can also buy aqua bubble?
Yes, except the rent with and without guidance we sell the aqua bubbles too. The cost of purchase can be found at all prices and more information about buying our products can be found on sale.

Rentals with guidance?
Want to make sure that everything is controlled and safe then you can hire aqua bubbles with guidance, our experienced instructors will guide the aqua bubbles, helping the children in and out and give explanations where necessary.

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