Billing Bandwidth Management
24online Access Gateway is the complete billing and bandwidth management solution that enables broadband, dialup, WiMAX and Wi-Fi service providers, hotels, hotspots and cafes to provide time and usage-based Internet access and manage subscribers and franchisees.
24online-based access networks enable service providers to cost-effectively reach thousands of customers, providing them with real-time pre-paid and post-paid billing, accurate service provisioning, policy-based QoS and differential rate plans. In addition, 24online offers customer web self-care, extensive reporting, location-based branding, audit trail as well as network security with an inbuilt firewall on a single platform. It provides high flexibility in billing based on data transfer, time of the day as well as discounts maintaining a complete audit trail.
24online has developed a vast reach in the Middle-East, South East Asia and African regions with a dedicated partner network that includes strong players like NetPlay Inc., Cadd Emirates, Huron FZC, Tile Marine and more.
The 24online billing and bandwidth management solution has a vast client base with 2000+ installations that extend to 96 cities and 30+ countries across the globe.

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