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Egypto-Soft was founded in 1987 as a company specializing in providing IT and technology solutions to the hospitality and travel industries in Egypt. With head office located in Heliopolis area in Cairo, and branches in Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypto-Soft has created a strong presence in the Egyptian market over the past two decades.

At the beginning the Company focused only on the Hospitality market with the representation of Lodgistix Inc. where we marketed, sold and supported their property management systems (PMS). These included Lodgistix/36, Lodgemate, and LanMark. They covered all aspects of computer and systems functions such as Front Office, Back Office, Interfaces, F&B management and Inventory Control, Point of Sales Systems, ... etc.

Over the years, and in responding to the local requirements, Egypto-Soft has developed few other applications of its own. These included::

  • Time Share Management System
  • Nabilio PMS "both Front & Back Offices"
  • Nabilio POS and F&B Management
  • Nabilio Nile Cruises
  • Nabilio Center Reservation
  • E-Soft Call Accounting & Reporting

In 1994, the company penetrated the Travel Agency market with its locally developed Egypto-Soft Travel Agents & Tour Operators System (ETATOS)

The company is still upgrading and renovating these systems using the latest state-of-the-art technology available in the IT industry such as Oracle Data Base, Microsoft .Net, and Web-Enabling Tools.

In 1996, Egypto-Soft has decided to increase their offerings to Hospitality markets, And hence started partnering with major international vendor of High-Tech products to market sell and support their products.

This included::

  • TESA Electronic Locking system, which became ONITY Locking system after the rebranding that took place in 2002.
  • Onity Energy Management and Power Saving
  • Onity Electronic Safes
  • ITS Telephony and Voice Mail
  • Interactive TV, IPTV, and LCD TV's
  • CCTV and Security System
  • Mini Bars

In 1999, Egypto-Soft went into a major project to re-write all of its DOS-based products into Windows and Oracle based applications. Nowadays, with the paradigme shift to Cloud Computing, the Company is going through a major restructuring and re-architecturing its solutions in order to meet the current market challenges, requirements, and trends.












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