Inventory Control System
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Egypto-Soft Inventory Control System is an inventory, purchasing, and receiving system that can be treated as a complete solution that coordinates all purchasing, storing and receiving functions and transactions

Features & Benefits
  • Multiple Stores and Cost Centers
  • Allow for Receiving, Issues, and Transfers
  • Automatic transfer of invoice to A/Payable
  • Stock Take Handling
  • Monitor movements of Stock Items
  • Inventory Reports on Different Levels


  • Stock can be ordered from suppliers through the order function
  • Orders can be prepared automatically based on purchase requests entered by outlets users
  • Contract suppliers and purchase information can be automatically assigned
  • Orders can be generated automatically from purchase requests after approvals
  • Details of last purchase, purchase history and quoted prices are kept by each product supplier
  • Quantity and price order variations
  • Display of purchase history supplier comparison, price comparison
  • Purchase and stock summary by group & comparison with last period
  • Recording beginning & end of period inventory value and total purchase for the period
  • Statistics are kept for products, suppliers, cost centers, purchases, orders, issues & transfers ... etc


  • This function records delivery of stock and immediately updates stock level and stock value based on the appropriate pricing policy
  • Receiving can handle partial deliveries, and deliveries from multiple orders
  • Prices are adjusted automatically by committing invoices
  • Deliveries can be directly issued to multiple cost centers



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