Property Management System
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PMS is a modern property management solution that combines the best of "old world" operations with "new world" technology

Boost the profitability of your enterprise

Concerto Property Management System allows for easy integration of your business operations. A graphically rich software, Concerto lets you drag-and-drop bookings using a graphical representation of your property depicted in your room plan, room type, and reservation egypto-soft_banner. All of this spells more control, more guests and more profits!

Comprehensive, integrated Front Office functions

Concerto’s robust functionality for managing your property includes:

Rate restriction capabilities
Guest accounting City ledger
Conferencing and banqueting
Block and pick-up model for group management
Travel agent allocations, Travel agent allotment
History and forecast
Guest and company history
Revenue management
Sales and marketing tools
Employee email
Reports – user definable and export to Adobe®
PDF, Microsoft®, Excel or HTML among other formats

Easy to install, learn and use

With its single-screen approach to operations, Concerto is specifically designed for hotel staff who have little time for lengthy or sophisticated training. Your staff can quickly retrieve guest information, folios, and room availability.

Optimize operational efficiency.

Concerto can be customized easily to meet the specific needs of each property and provides for an export that can be
imported to leading back office applications.


More control.

Maximize operational effectiveness and enhance your business potential
Enhanced guest profiling
Increased profit per reservation
Detailed insight into your business
Retrieve guest information, folios, and room availability with the click of a mouse

More guests

Improve customer service and encourage repeat business Access new markets for business with web booking engine Increase business with excellent sales and marketing tools Allow staff to focus on guests, not system training


More profit

Increase profitability and bottom line performance
Lower costs and staff training time
Minimize impact on capital budgets with leasing options
Modular product means you can add functionality as  your business grows

User messages, calendar notes make communication easier

Concerto’s user messages allows timely and prompt communication across various departments and shifts. Messages for special requests can be generated on the system ensuring all employees are notified. Management can also
track when the messages are read and when tasks are completed.

Stay wizard helps maximize revenues

Stay wizard functionality makes rate management at the guest level easier, helps maximize revenues, and reduce room posting errors. The rate plan and the number of adults on each day can be changed. A reservation agent can create a unique rate pattern to meet guest needs. Packages, discounts, meal plan can also be edited by day. The agent can then quote the total room rate by day and stay.

Easy access to information.

Concerto’s rich profiles allow multiple addresses, phone numbers, email address, driver license information or
photos of guests to be attached to a single profile. The property can determine its methods of communication and then build those fields into profile database. Additional fields can be
added in the user defined fields. A document folder is available on each profile to attach copies of confirmations, letters, marketing campaigns, and other data sent to the guest.

More productivity in housekeeping.

In Concerto, multiple housekeeping patterns can be defined. The system will track what day of stay it is for a guest and what service needs to be provided. With this the staff can Concentrate on what needs to be done rather than generating reports manually.

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